The Anxious Hippie

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Here are a few things Lucie Dickenson now knows:

1. High colonics don’t cure anxiety

2. Eyebrow waxing is best left to the professionals

3. Anxiety can be a fearful condition or a beautiful, but brutal guide

4. Laughing is medicine. Crying is cathartic. Fear f*cks you up.

5. Every silver lining can in fact have a touch of grey- and that is okay!

Here are some things she still has no freaking clue about

1. How some people can remember everybody’s name?2. Why so many women have to deal with weak bladders?3. How to be perfect. But does anyone really have a handle on this one?

The Anxious Hippie takes you on Lucie Dickenson’s journey from fear, worry, and overreacting to finding the peace, love, and blessings in anxiety. Lucie openly shares short vignettes and stories from her life that will make you laugh and cry and find healing through her raw account of what it’s like to live with anxiety.