All the Parts of Me

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Jen Fiore loves her family and food with a passion. She is a gluten-free enthusiast and a lover of all things made from garlic and of God. Jen embarked on her decade-long healing journey to be rid of the pain and suffering she experienced in her body and uncovered that her mind also needed some attention. She forged an unbreakable love relationship with herself and her Creator as she set forth to embrace the rest of her life understanding the true meaning of I Am. Jen has made it her life’s work to teach others to understand themselves and their struggles in the body and to coach them to live a life of joy and peace. She loves hiking with her husband and their puppy, Nala, and visiting her three adult children. She now accepts that almost everything she owns has an oil stain from cooking, that each morning must begin with coffee, and that the decades of pain led her to discovering a happiness with herself to the likes of which she never dreamed possible. Jen is the co-owner of Do Life Inspired and works as a mindset spiritual coach and teacher.

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