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Great question!! We believe investing in your book with a team who knows all aspects of the industry is imperative because you can spend a lot of time and money on coaching from someone who has never been with a traditional publisher or agent. Without the real world experience, they have limited knowledge of this aspect publishing. We’ve seen countless authors who dream of being with a traditional publishing house spend so much money hiring people to help them write their book, only to find out that to get it published they really need a proposal and in many cases, an agent to represent them. For those authors who do not want to go the traditional publishing route, there are other options such as self publishing, hybrid publishing, or indie publishing that can also be costly without the right understanding of the book world. All 4 have pros and cons, and we have experience in all of them, so we can assist you on the path that feels best to you, not push you in one direction or the other. The investment with Inspired Girl Books can definitely save you both time and money in the long run!

While our goal is to assist in bringing books into the world that can help and heal others, we do realize that you want to make back the investment you put into coaching, so this is another really good question, and the answer depends on which path to publishing you take. For example, if you have an existing platform, and we assist you in creating a proposal to garner representation and go the traditional publishing route, you can make back the investment in an advance! We have worked with authors who have received 6-figure plus advances because of their timely messages and sizable platforms. If you choose to self-publish or indie publish or hybrid publish, in many cases you can make back the investment with the sale of books – depending on the book size and how it gets distributed of course, you can sell just a few hundred books and make back your initial investment.  We have also worked with authors to create additional revenue streams through speaking and online courses, so the sky really is the limit. We can help you to learn how to set up book tours, speaking engagements, and media placements. We know the value of reaching a larger audience, and we have experience to assist you in earning back your initial investment!!

We know many people with incredible stories and / or areas of expertise do not feel like they are writers. We get it! And while we do “ghost write” books, we have various services to develop your book through our editorial process. This process really depends on your level of writing experience – we can help take just thoughts dumped out onto the page and turn them into chapters with guidance and shaping. Some of our authors have spoken their books into text form, and we use that as a starting point. We are a boutique hybrid publisher and accept a limited number of authors so we can dive in and help every author we take on with a unique approach to suit his or her needs. No two publishing plans are the same, as they are customized based on where you are in the writing process, what your publishing goals are, and your experience as a writer. We want your book to be authentic to you, in your voice, and will always keep the book true to the integrity of who you are. You have final say in all aspects of the book start to finish!

We love and believe in good books with heart! It is an honor to assist in getting them out into the world! You do not need to be an editorial client in order for your book to be accepted. We are a boutique hybrid publisher, so we take a limited number of books per year via our Submissions process. Please review our guidelines, and if you feel your book is a good fit for us, we encourage you to submit it for our review. We do not charge you to submit your book, of course, but we cannot guarantee acceptance. We will certainly review your Submission, and if it is a good fit for us, we will send you an offer of acceptance letter with the terms of publishing services and contract.

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